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Passions World famous Fish Feed – Meet the Giant Trevally (GT)

When visiting the Great Barrier Reef on board Passions of Paradise, many visitors are surprised about the sheer number and size of some of the reef fish. Circling the vessel at our Michaelmas Cay site are some of the most famous, awe-inspiring fish anyone can see on the reef: The Giant Trevally. These large fish […]

Passions Wins Qantas Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism

A commitment to research, education and conservation of the Great Barrier Reef has earned Passions of Paradise a string of environmental awards in the past year. The Cairns company was awarded for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism at the 2014 Queensland Tourism Awards in Brisbane on Friday (November 28), just one week after receiving the Tropical […]

Passions Wins Big at Local Tourism Awards!

Passions of Paradise was awarded for excellence in Sustainable Tourism and the company’s Sales and Marketing Manager Adam O’Malley was selected the Young Achiever at the 2014 Tropical North Queensland Tourism Awards last night (November 21). Accepting the Sustainable Tourism award, Passions of Paradise Chief Executive Officer Scotty Garden acknowledged the work of the Passions […]

The Birds of Michaelmas Cay

Quick, name 10 animals that live in the Great Barrier Reef—I’ll give you a minute. Done? How many could you get? Seaturtles, check. Nemo, check. Jellyfish, butterfly fish, check, check. Parrotfish, Maori wrasse, whitetip reef shark, blacktip reefshark, check, check, check, and check. Stingray, Moray eel, check, and check. Great, you got ten. However, did […]