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Tourism Interns Study With Passions

Showing visitors the Great Barrier Reef is the ultimate way to get work experience, according to United States tourism student Rachel Kane. Ms Kane, who is in the final year of her degree in tourism management at Central Washington University, is undertaking a 10-week internship in Cairns with Passions of Paradise through International Studies Abroad. […]

Passions Helps Volunteers Understand The Reef

Around 400 student volunteers who are learning about sustainable travel will visit the Great Barrier Reef with Passions of Paradise when they visit Cairns later this year. Passions of Paradise Sales and Marketing Manager Adam O’Malley said the United States-based international volunteer program ISV had selected Passions of Paradise to host the students during their […]

Starry Pufferfish!

A huge head with big, bug eyes. A body covered in prickly spines, shaped like a rugby ball. Tiny fins, suitable for slowly propelling through the shallows. In the fish world, the Starry Pufferfish is not going to win any beauty contests. But these fascinating fish, often seen by passengers aboard Passions of Paradise, are […]

Passions World famous Fish Feed – Meet the Giant Trevally (GT)

When visiting the Great Barrier Reef on board Passions of Paradise, many visitors are surprised about the sheer number and size of some of the reef fish. Circling the vessel at our Michaelmas Cay site are some of the most famous, awe-inspiring fish anyone can see on the reef: The Giant Trevally. These large fish […]