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Recycled Plastic: Coming to a Shop Near You!

These days, it’s hard to ignore the increasing influence that discarded plastic has in our lives. Videos and photos make the rounds on social media of wildlife caught in plastic six-pack rings, or marine life that has ingested a bottle cap or drinking straw. There is so much plastic in the world that recycling it […]

World Ocean’s Day

Passions of Paradise is gearing up for activities for this year’s World Oceans Day, with activities on the boat including underwater surveys, rubbish patrols, and a special collection for our carbon offset program. World Oceans Day is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. This year, individuals and organizations across our […]

Luxury Travel Guide Award

Passions of Paradise is proud to announce that our company has won the Luxury Travel Guide Award for Adventure Experience of the Year for Cairns, Australia in the 2016 Holiday & Tour Specialist Awards. The awards program selects winners based on their achievements and strengths in the travel industry. The organisation received an overwhelming number […]

Passions Receives New Accreditation

Passions of Paradise has recently received accreditation from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council through our Australian eco-tourism certification body Ecotourism Australia. This accreditation recognises Passions of Paradise’s commitment to long-term, sustainable best practice as we strive to maintain our operation in a World Heritage Area. Passions of Paradise has a long-standing relationship with Ecotourism Australia, […]