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The Birds of Michaelmas Cay

Quick, name 10 animals that live in the Great Barrier Reef—I’ll give you a minute. Done? How many could you get? Seaturtles, check. Nemo, check. Jellyfish, butterfly fish, check, check. Parrotfish, Maori wrasse, whitetip reef shark, blacktip reefshark, check, check, check, and check. Stingray, Moray eel, check, and check. Great, you got ten. However, did […]

Stingray Myths: Busted!

At first glance, a stingray seems to be the oddest type of fish. No fins, yet it swims effortlessly in the water. A thin tail, yet it is able to break into lightning-quick bolts of speed. Stingrays are common in coastal tropical and subtropical marine waters throughout the world, and also includes species found in […]

anenem… an ananemon… an anemone!

If you’ve seen the movie Finding Nemo, you may remember that clownfish live in an anenem… an ananemon… an anemone. Indeed, clownfish, more properly called anemonefish, make their homes inside an animal called an anemone. So what do you really know about these fish, and the animals they live in? While the movie did get […]

Polystyrene Foam – Just Say No!

Can you picture a tonne of trash? Not a metaphorical, allegorical, “We just had a party and there’s a tonne of trash to pick up,”  figure-of-speech ton of trash. A literal, 1,000 kilogram pile of glass bottles, soda cans, fast food packaging, and miscellaneous junk carelessly discarded by the side of the road? Well, at […]