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Sharks and Humans: an interesting history.

It is quite possibly the most frequently asked question by visitors traveling out to the Great Barrier Reef: “Am I going to see a shark?” This question is asked a couple of different ways. Some people pose this question wide eyed with anxiety and their voices faltering; others, with an excited heartbeat and a hopeful […]

Diver’s Corner: Buoyancy

Diver’s Corner: Buoyancy When it comes to diving, newly certified and veteran divers alike share many characteristics. A love for the ocean. Fascination with marine wildlife. A passion for the sport of diving itself. In addition to all of these qualities, many divers new and old share one more thing in common: they are improperly […]

Passions hosts international reef managers

Coral Reefs around the world are facing increasing pressures, from natural pressures such as climate change and severe weather events, to man-made pressures from tourism, transport and infrastructure. While different countries have different priorities when it comes to the health and sustainability of their reef ecosystems, one thing they all have in common is the […]

Reuse, Recycle

Vehicle emissions contributing to climate change. Electricity production causing global warming. El Niño threatening stronger storms and coral bleaching. Oceans full of plastics and landfills overflowing with waste. These are the ideas many of us have in our heads; skimming our newsfeeds, Twitter, or headlines, we’re made to think that the world is in a […]