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Dive into citizen science on the Great Barrier Reef

By April 12, 2024Reef News & Info

Passions of Paradise has launched daily citizen science tours on the Great Barrier Reef for experienced divers departing from Cairns in Tropical North Queensland.

Passions of Paradise Chief Executive Officer Scotty Garden said the demand for citizen science options on the Great Barrier Reef was growing rapidly allowing the locally owned company to expand the Marine Biologist for a Day program it first launched three years ago in March 2021.

“Our passengers have been choosing to visit the Great Barrier Reef with Passions of Paradise so they can indirectly support our reef stewardship activities, and many have been wanting to go that step further and actively participate in an activity to help the reef’s health,” he said.

“Certified divers can now choose our Marine Biologist for a Day program on any day of the week and help to monitor our coral planting undertaken through the Coral Nurture Program with the Passions crew who have planted more than 9000 corals on Hastings Reef off Cairns.

“Participants will also complete Eye on the Reef sightings and Rapid Monitoring Reports which are logged with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to assist in their management of the reef.

“Confident snorkellers undertake a different Marine Biologist for a Day program which also operates every day offering an unparalleled snorkelling experience in the company of a Master Reef Guide or marine biologist who helps them to identify the various species of coral and fish they see.

“Both experiences are part of a full day tour to two outer Great Barrier Reef locations on board the luxury sailing catamaran Passions III with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included.

“The interest in citizen science has been especially strong in our international Western markets with 23 group bookings from the United Kingdom alone in 2023.

“Passions of Paradise is proud to be a tourism product involved in conservation. We were among the first to employ a marine biologist in 1997 to give interpretive tours and we achieved carbon-neutral status in 2012, a decade ahead of many operators.

“Our boutique family-owned business has been educating people about the reef for 34 years with the vision of offering sustainable and immersive Great Barrier Reef experiences that inspire a deep connection with the ocean.”

The fully inclusive Passions of Paradise Great Barrier Reef tour and Marine Biologist for a Day program is $410 for snorkellers and $510 for divers including two dives. As a 100% Project AWARE Dive Facility with PADI, Passions makes regular donations to support PADI’s Marine Debri Prevention and shark protection programs.

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Be A Marine Bio for the Day