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Join our research team in our one of a kind eco-experience and help protect the Great Barrier Reef!

A unique experience. Take part in our one of a kind Citizen Science and Research Team and contribute to ongoing reef conservation projects on the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef.

This exclusive program is designed for ocean lovers with a true commitment to protecting our precious marine ecosystems

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Limited spots available – Maximum 12 participants

Full Day Reef Tour & Be a Marine Bio Experience

Snorkel Tour

Adult – $410

Child – $310

Certified Diver Tour

Adult – $510

Adult – $410 

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*Note: Dive tour is strictly for certified divers only

“I wanted to take it to another level with an eco-minded tour operator”

“It made sense that a day on the reef should amount to more than sightseeing and a sunburn. That’s why I chose Passions of Paradise”

Everett Potter, Forbes

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What will I be doing as a Marine Bio for the day?

  • You’ll focus on supporting the work of local conservationists on the Great Barrier Reef. Here are some examples of the citizen science activities you can expect to participate in during your expedition:
  • Completing Sightings Network submissions and Rapid Monitoring Survey Reports for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority as part of the Eye on the Reef network.
  • Assisting our Master Reef guides as they survey reef locations and monitor reef health.
  • Monitoring Coral Planting as part of the Coral Nurture Program, supervised by the University of Technology Sydney.

Quick facts about this experience

  • Each expedition is supervised by a certified Master Reef Guide, recognised as the world’s leading reef guides, interpreters and story tellers sharing the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.
  • Each Master Reef Guide is also a certified PADI Dive Professional. Safety is our number one priority, and we enlist only the best PADI Professionals to guide our participants.
  • Small group sizes. This program is designed for a maximum of 12 participants: We’re seeking experienced snorkelers with a passion for conservation and desire to elevate and become a steward and ambassador for our ocean planet.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Read our reviews on TripAdvisor & Facebook or leave us one yourself

I did the program ‘be a marine biologist for a day’ and it was AWESOME! I got the chance to get in contact with the Great Barrier Reef trough the eyes and knowledge of the amazing Le’a. First she explained how we were going to work, we had a plastic paper to write under water. We did two activities with it each dive: one was counting how many fishes of the same species we could see in 10min and the second was in a 5m ratio we write how much percentage of sand, algae, stone, death coral… there is. In our first dive we went to an area where they grow coral, they have nursery to set some broken pieces to grow again. So we also did some coral planting. During the second dive we remove some drupella snails from the corals as they over eat the coral. It was the best experience ever, I got so much knowledge out it and it was a lot of fun. I’ll completely recommend it! As extra this company takes longer to get to the diving points because they reduce their speed to consume less fuel, they have water refilling points and no plastic tableware and they donate some of their profits to the protection of sharks. So probably on of the best company to go to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef!

Sofia Diaz

ECO Experience Includes

  • A full day visiting our exclusive Outer Great Barrier Reef locations on board our sailing catamaran.
  • Reserved seating exclusively for our research team
  • A dedicated Master Reef Guide host  providing a personalized experience from start to finish!
  • All snorkeling equipment or for ECO Dive Tour all scuba dive equipment is also included
  • Morning tea & afternoon tea
  • A chef prepared hot & cold buffet lunch with allergies catered for on request.

Your day on the Great Barrier Reef


Cruise from Cairns at 8am aboard the stylish Passions Catamaran to the Great Barrier Reef


Relax with morning tea and get to know your fellow team members as our Master Reef guide introduces the team and the itinerary for the day.


Arrive at our first location for your first Citizen Science activity of the day!


After a team debrief it is time for a tropical buffet lunch of hot & cold dishes


Arrive at our second location for our 2nd in water activity


Wind down with a cold drink while we collate and record our data from the day. Afternoon tea is served to keep our energy up!

Departure Details and What to Bring

  • Check-in is at the Passions of Paradise desk at the Reef Fleet terminal, 1 Spence street. Please meet our Master Reef Guide here at 7.15am.
  • Bring, hat, sunscreen, bathing gear, sunglasses, towel, etc. as you would for travelling to the beach. We have credit card facilities on the boat.
  • We welcome you to visit us at our counter at the Reef Fleet terminal, open 7 days a week, until 4 pm for more information or email us.

Got Questions?

There are so many questions we are frequently asked and hopefully, the answer to yours are below, however, if you would like to know more, why not test out our email skills. Contact Us, we’d love to fill in the blanks.

Can I do the ECO experience with no scuba dive experience?

We have a Be a Marine Bio option for both snorkelers and certified scuba divers! Given the sometimes-technical nature of these activities it important that participants are either confident snorkelers or experienced divers with good buoyancy skills.

Where do you check in and what time do you depart?

Your Master Reef Guide host will meet you at check in at 7.15am at the Passions of Paradise desk at the Reef Fleet terminal, 1 Spence street.

When do you return?

We return at around 5 pm. We always try to do some genuine sailing on the way home, and so times can vary either way by 10 or 15 minutes – but generally it is 5 pm.

Do you provide transfers?

Yes, at a small extra charge, because we use a bus company to do this for us. We do transfers locally as well as from the Northern Beaches. We do not, unfortunately do transfers from Port Douglas as it is more than one hour away from Cairns. Please see our cost page for latest prices.

Do you have a photographer onboard?

Yes, we do. Our friendly photographer is on hand every day to capture those special family memories!

Are there many sharks?

You may be lucky enough to see a little white or black tip reef shark pass you by as small reef sharks are common. However, they are very shy.

Is there a shaded area to sit?

Yes! Your Master Reef Guide will have reserved in-door seating for you and other participants!

Will the weather affect the program?

Due the varied nature of our activities and the unpredictability of the weather we will tailor each weekly program to suit the conditions. Some times the weather will dictate which sites we visit. Our Master Reef Guide will plan your itinerary in accordance with the environment on the day!

Do you provide all of the dive and snorkel equipment?

Yes, everything is provided and waiting for you on the boat! Your Master Reef Guide will help you select and fit your equipment!

What if I get seasick?

If you are prone to seasickness, it is advisable to take something before you go. Check with a chemist. As Passions is a catamaran, it is a lot more stable in rough weather than monohulls and the sails act as a stabiliser. We do sell sea sickness pills on board the boat, but please remember, tablets are a preventative, not a cure, so take them just before we depart.

What if I forget my diving certification card?

If you have your log book, bring that with you on the boat. If you have neither, call your certifying agency and get them to email you a copy of your scuba diving certification. Otherwise, we have a pre-dive check out test you can do with the Instructor on the boat to verify your skill level and current scuba diving knowledge.

Do you cater for vegetarians?

Yes we do. We have five different salads, plus one of the two hot dishes is always vegetarian. Other special requests are sometimes possible with notice ….by all means ask….

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Passions of Paradise are celebrating 31 years in business and we cannot wait for you to join our ongoing conservation efforts to help protect the Great Barrier Reef. Book today and find out why we are one of the top-rated reef trips in Cairns!

Full Day Reef Tour & Be a Marine Bio for the Day Experience

Limited spots available – Maximum 12 participants

Snorkel Tour

Adult – $410

Child – $310

Certified Diver Tour

Adult – $510

Adult – $410 

Book ECO Snorkel Tour
Book ECO Dive Tour