Passions sail to two unique outer reef locations with a choice of private moorings. Each day we will select the site best suited to the weather conditions to give our guests the best possible experience.  Our exclusive mornings include:

Flynn – Little Tracey

Experience stunning coral formations and a vast array of marine life.

Flynn – Point Break

The unique current and tidal patters make this location particularly attractive to a diverse range of fish species.

Milne – Three Sisters

One of the most famous dive sites off of Cairns, Three sisters offers excellent visibility and a wide range of marine wildlife.

Milne – The Whale

A one-of-a-kind dive site comprised of one large coral formation that is home to massive giant clams and is frequented by sea turtles.

Milne – The Edge

A unique diving location that takes divers to the edge of the reef and showcases some truly spectacular underwater topography.

Milne – The Drop

Stare into the deep blue as you dive The Drop, an impressive site with coral formations that are truly inspiring.


Divers and snorkelers alike will enjoy this site, which boasts an excellent variety of hard and soft coral.

Thetford – 360

Another well-known site off of Cairns, this site is a stunning lagoon surrounded by large coral gardens.

Thetford – Nolans Bommie

Divers of all abilities will be impressed with this location, which sees some of the most incredible variety of marine life on the reef.

Moore – East Timor

A distinctive dive and snorkel site offering visitors impressive views of a wide array of marine wildlife.

Moore – West Timor

A stunning location featuring clear waters and an excellent chance to encounter turtles, giant clams, and a variety of other marinelife.

Moore – 5 Ways

This site offers a spectacular variety of hard and soft coral, and is ideal for snorkelers and divers of all experience levels.

Moore – Wildside

This location is notable for several remarkable coral structures and the quality of coral cover.

Pretty Patches

A stunning coral garden in a tranquil lagoon makes this site an excellent site for visitors wanting to experience the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.

Breaking Patches – Long Bommie

Famous for its swim-through for certified divers, this site features several impressive coral formations and is a truly exceptional experience for divers and snorkelers.

Breaking Patches – Paradise Reef

A double wall of coral split by a shallow lagoon, Paradise Reef is regularly visited by large schools of small fish using this site as a feeding station.

Hastings Reef – 1770

A unique section of coral growth makes this site an ideal spot, as the coral forms a maze-like garden that makes for picture perfect snorkeling and diving.

Hastings Reef – Stepping Stones

As the name implies, Stepping Stones is a series of coral formations that produce a magnificent snorkeling experience, as divers and snorkelers alike have an excellent location to explore at their leisure.

Hastings Reef – Split Bommie

Featuring an amazing swim-through for certified divers, this location is home to some of the densest coral cover divers and snorkelers can experience while on the Great Barrier Reef.

Hastings Reef
Hastings Reef
Norman Reef – Shark Mountain
Norman Reef – Alans Wall
Norman Reef