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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Reef Day Trips

By November 12, 2017September 26th, 2023Reef News & Info

The Great Barrier Reef is a bucket list item for most of us, whether you’re a water baby, a nature enthusiast, adrenaline junky or casual tourist, this one is at the top of many people’s list! In fact it’s at the top of a lot of other lists too! It’s the largest living organism in the world; it can be seen from space and around 2 million people come to check it out every year, so when are you coming?

When you do make it here, there are a few things that may surprise you…

It’s really deep, right?

So you’re finally on your way, the wind in your hair as you cruise out of Cairns harbour to explore the reef, there’s nothing but blue in every direction, how am I ever going to find Nemo? Actually when the boat stops, you’ll be in swimming distance of a magical new world. Just below the surface, you will be able to see the aquatic wonderland at your feet! Unfathomable varieties of fish, not to mention the stunning variety of corals! Depending on the tide some areas are only a meter deep, and if you’re not a confident swimmer, the Passions team will help you out with floating belts and snorkel guides. Of course, deeper areas are always close by for those heading off on a scuba adventure!


I’ve never scuba-dived before, don’t I have to start in a pool?

Why start in a pool when you can do your first dive at the Great Barrier Reef? There’s no better place to begin your love affair, or one-off adventure, with scuba diving. The Passions team take introductory divers every day; you’ll be in very safe hands and guided every step of the way, so that you get to experience the Reef up close! Experienced divers are also in amazing hands with your own Reef Guide. Make sure you listen in to the Reef talks on board too; these guys really know their stuff!


It’s not actually one reef!

In fact the ‘Great Barrier Reef’ consists of over 2900 individual Reefs! It even contains 900 islands and stretches over 2600km! So what can you see in a day? Well, Passions of Paradise’s brand-new customised catamaran will take you to two spots, often on two separate Reefs! They have a number of private spots which means they can always take you somewhere amazing, whatever the wind or waves are doing! Then once you’ve had lunch and a break, they will whisk you off to another one!


Do I need a lot of equipment to really experience it?

Everything you need is on board for you! All you need is your swimwear, a towel and a sense of adventure. All snorkel equipment is provided with every reef snorkel tour, you can even hire wetsuits and underwater cameras for those all-important photos. If you take on the scuba challenge you are supplied with brand-new quality equipment, no extra charges involved!



Lunch provided on a boat must mean soggy sandwiches and wilted salads, right? Not here, Passions have an amazing onboard chef, who prepares an incredible buffet including a variety of hot food and salads, as well as catering to any dietary requirements on board! It feels like you’ve stepped into a lovely restaurant while you fill your hungry belly after some snorkelling around the reef! When you’re all done you can enjoy a drink from the licensed bar on the way home to celebrate that all important tick on your bucket list!

Ready for the adventure? Book your reef tour now.