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Passions Adds Two New Staff to Eye on the Reef!

By November 21, 2015August 22nd, 2022Reef News & Info

Passions of Paradise is proud to announce that two of their staff have recently been inducted into the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s Eye on the Reef Weekly Monitoring program. On Friday the 20th of November, crew members Joe and Mossy completed their in-water training, and have been given the green light to start participating in weekly monitoring activities. This qualification enables them to give feedback to the Marine Park Authority regarding various aspects of the health of our tourism sites.

Eye on the Reef is a reef monitoring and assessment program run by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. The program enables anyone who visits the Great Barrier Reef to contribute to its long-term protection by collecting valuable information about reef health, marine animals and incidents. There are a number of different ways that people can take part, depending on skill levels and commitment; Passions of Paradise has been participating in the program since its inception in the mid 90’s.

The most significant part the Eye on the Reef program is the Weekly Monitoring program, in which tourism staff take weekly water quality samples, look for coral disease and predation, and track key indicator species. This information is vital to the Marine Park Authority, and allows them to keep assess of the overall health of reef tourism sites, as well as assess trends and extrapolate data for larger portions of the reef. This information is compiled in a database, and the Marine Park Authority uses it to track issues of concern in the Great Barrier Reef.

Passions congratulates Joe and Mossy in completing this training, as they join other staff that are committed to the long term sustainability of the Great Barrier Reef.