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New Eco Solutions found at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

By June 1, 2015August 22nd, 2022Reef News & Info

Part of being an organisation with a high commitment to environmental sustainability is in finding little ways to protect the ecosystem by looking towards innovation in a wide variety of fields. In the marine tourism industry, there is a constant need to protect the world’s waterways, while at the same time enjoy their use. One of the best sources for new innovations is in trade shows, and for Passions of Paradise, the 2015 Sanctuary Cover International Boat Show provided some new insights into advancements in the marine industry, and one environmentally friendly solution to a very persistent problem.

Recognised as one of the largest boat and marine lifestyle events in the Asia Pacific region, the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show provides marine enthusiasts and non-boaters alike the opportunity to enjoy a display of more than 500 boats and innovative marine product. The Show attracts visitors from around the globe, and features a variety of on-water, pavilion and open-air displays showcasing everything from electronics, kayaks, jet skis and trailer boats to luxury cruisers and multi-million dollar super-yachts. Taking place from May 21-24 2015, the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show offered exhibitors unparalleled exposure and sales opportunities to showcase impressive small, medium and large-scale marine lifestyle products from across the globe. One of these exhibitors was Rusted Solutions, and after a quick look at their products, Passions of Paradise’s CEO could see potential right away for an economical, environmentally friendly way to combat one of the most common aesthetic and mechanical foes on the Great Barrier Reef: rust.

When oxygen comes into extended contact with certain metals (normally those containing iron), an atomic reaction takes place causing the creation of oxide (commonly known as rust). When rust has formed and is hydrated it is permeable to air and water. This allows the metal to continue to corrode underneath the surface rust. If there is sufficient hydration, the iron can completely disintegrate into dust particles. While in some areas, rust and corrosion are not a problem, in the marine environment, the constant exposure to water (in particular salt water) and air make oxidation and corrosion an almost daily hassle. Enter Rust Solutions.

Rust Solutions is a Queensland-based company that makes a range of products designed to remove rust from a variety or metal surfaces. These products are certified 100% organic, and a free from harmful acids, meaning they are a better alternative to common rust removal methods, such as sand blasting, wire-brushing, or use of acids. This new product will allow a longer life on the vessel’s tools, mechanical parts, as well as provide a better alternative to chemical polishes for stainless steel. Passions of Paradise is excited to have sourced an Australian product from right in the heart of Queensland to provide this new product line, and we’re excited to see its first results on our vessel.


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